Investment Philosophy

Buy it, fix it, sell it…

Frazer Capital has a successful track record of investing in Boston, Massachusetts and its immediate suburbs since 2009, during which time we have built strong credibility in the market.

Our Investment Philosophy is:

Target individual assets in the less competitive small-cap market, which have capital appreciation potential, in fundamentally strong locations.

Acquire assets, increase scale and execute strategic asset management plan to unlock value.

Package assets for institutional market sale, thereby creating a deeper, more liquid market and sharper pricing.

Targeted Investment Process

Continuation of a strategy that is working

Target & Acquire 
  • With agility, target off-market or limited marketing, exclusive negotiation opportunities.
  • Small-cap, conservative,  experience-led approach.
  • Bottom up, thorough, evidence-based and time sensitive validation of every opportunity.
  • Seek under-managed assets in fundamentally strong locations.
  • Endogenous research on locality, demographics, zoning, transportation access, other USP’s.
  • Enhance reputation for smooth,  on-time performance.
Add Value
  • Deploy strategic, institutional grade, asset management.
  • Assess tenant covenant status and appropriate uses.
  • Fill vacancies, re-gear leases, lift rents.
  • Capital improvements and select development.
  • Carefully and creatively unlock value.
  • Aggregate re-positioned assets.
  • Engage international brokerage for professional marketing & wide exposure.
  • Portfolio scale attracts institutional buyer interest.
  • Stability of portfolio leases and visibility of income stream creates deeper market.
  • Achieve sharper exit pricing.

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